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Social Media by ZOOM.

Here’s what we do.

We create and maintain dynamic Social Media Campaigns for your business so you can boost client engagement and increase your sales.

Talk to ZOOM PR today about how we can help you boost your business on Social Media.

A revolution in Marketing.

In 2017, $11 billion dollars will be spent on Social Adverts. Social media advertising is a young and growing market.

Social Media allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently in a community with a common interest: Your Brand. It’s a two-way open conversation that blurs the line between company and consumer. A unique opportunity to create leads and drive sales.

Why Social Media Marketing?
Social Media is where your customers are

Join your customers.

Your current and future clients are already using Social Media and spend most of their online time there.

93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. You can now advertise your product or service by targeting users based upon their age, gender, location or interests.

What are people saying?

You need to know what is being said about your brand, who’s saying it and where it’s being said. In real-time.

Our listening platform tracks consumer sentiment and even keeps an eye on what your competitors are doing. With all this data, we are able to make decisions about where to spend your marketing budget online and how to win in a competitive space.

Social Media Listening
Marketing your Brand

Think Global. Think Local.

You can use Social Media to take your brand global or focus on potential clients who are around you now.

Communicate globally in seconds. With Social Media, you can reach your target audience in their language at any time of the day. Whether you’re a public location or a global brand, we deliver your message to the right people in the right location at the right time.

Drive more sales.

Social Media Marketing will boost website traffic, increase brand awareness and create low-cost, targeted leads.

At ZOOM PR, we don’t measure the number of Likes our clients have; we measure your results. Our work generates low-cost targeted leads enabling your teams to follow up to close more sales. Your business is our business and we want to see growth.

Drive More Sales
Are you ready?

Take the next step.

Whether you’re looking to take your brand global or needing to focus more on the clients close to you.

Talk to ZOOM PR today about how we can help you boost your business in the world’s biggest marketplace: Social Media.

Want to find out more about our services? Call us on +34 931 00 33 55.

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